September 16, 2021

Monthly Board Meeting Tonight at 5:30pm
at the Terlingua EMS Station

If you are experiencing difficulty creating your online bill pay account, call  their help desk at 866.917.7368.   To make a Credit Card payment, call 877.885.7968.


Board Meetings are generally held on the 3rd Thursday of the month. 

~ What Online Bill Pay Can do for You ~
With Checking or Savings Account - FREE 
*Choose "Manage Auto-pay" and PSN will grab your balance & pay it on the same day each month.  You'll never be late & never have to remember to pay.  Recommend choosing a date between the 25th & 30th, so you can see the bill before it hits the bank.
*Choose "Make One-time Payment" and you can login each month and manually make a payment on the date of your choice.
For Credit or Debit Card Payments - Small Fee
*Check your balance & call PSN to make a credit/debit card payment.

If you are experiencing a loss of water, please contact the numbers below.

call 432.371.2913 (office)

 or 432.386.2628 (cell)

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