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Study Butte Water Supply Corporation was founded in 1988.

It took 13 years to actively go on line with our first customer delivery in 2001.


Establishing a rural water supply system can be a challenge under the best of circumstances.

Relatively speaking, there are no “best circumstances” in Terlingua.


It is nearly 100 miles to the nearest town for common supplies and most equipment must be ordered and shipped from more than 200 miles away. Our wells average 1100 feet deep and the water is often hot and heavily laden with minerals, necessitating the use of a reverse osmosis system. We have 29 miles of waterline laid through some of the roughest and most scenic country Texas has to offer.


Our first Agent, Suzanne Bailey, and Board of Directors, Shirley Willard, Carolyn Small and Barbara Trammell, are to be commended for their donation of land, hard work and years of sheer dedication in seeing this project through. Many other people were instrumental in helping make this happen, too many to list. Each business and individual on our system owe those pioneers a debt of gratitude for today's conveniences.


Today, we serve over 200 businesses and households. Affordable bulk water for outlying residents is available at the Cottonwood General Store.


Your Study Butte Water Supply Corporation Board of Directors is here to serve you.  These community members are elected by the membership to govern your Corporation. They serve as volunteers with integrity, honesty, commitment, and a very real sense of duty to all of our valuable members. Thank them when you see them in the community.

Bill Gilles
Lico Miller
LaNetta Barnes
Secretary/ Treasurer
Leon Smith
Sam Bottenfield
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